Radio over IP (RoIP) dispatch software


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XWIRE (pronounced "cross-wire") is a platform independent, IP based radio dispatch system. Its client-server architecture is designed for fast and efficient switching of digital audio streams between multiple operator dispatch consoles and radio repeater sites. When used in conjunction with Xworks ORC100 or ORC400 radio over IP (RoIP) hardware it provides a cost effective and flexible alternative to traditional analogue systems.

XWIRE Server

The XWIRE server is the heart of Xworks radio dispatch system. It provides a scalable, high performance IP switching fabric through which audio streams are routed between radio dispatchers and mobile radio users.

Key server features include:

XWIRE Client

The XWIRE client is the user interface to the radio dispatch system. Depending on user requirements, it can be run either as a standalone application or as an applet inside a web browser. When run as an applet, the client is automatically deployed from the server, ensuring all dispatch consoles are using the same version of software.

Key client features include:

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