Mobile radio controller with GPS tracking

Products KMC

Winner of IPENZ Engineering Excellence Award (ICT) 2007. More

The KMC is a robust, vehicle mounted, mobile communications controller and GPS tracking device with integrated GSM/GPRS modem. It provides a combination of position reporting and waypoint processing functionality with the ability to control a conventional mobile radio.

The KMC seamlessly integrates with the Kupe position monitoring and vehicle management system to provide a complete end-to-end AVL solution.

Mobile radio control features offered by the KMC include automated channel change and scanning, regular selective calling (Selcall) functions plus 'Extended Selcall' for position reporting outside areas of cellular network coverage. Supported radios include Tait TM8000 series and Motorola GM series. User configurable I/O and channel configurations stored in the KMC (Tx/Rx frequency, Tx/Rx CTCSS, Tx power, Rx squelch etc) enable a feature rich solution to be built.

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