Dual port mobile radio controller

Products ARK2

The ARK2 is a mobile communications controller and GPS tracking device designed for installation in a customer supplied enclosure. It provides all of the capabilities of the KMC with simultaneous control of two conventional (VHF/UHF) mobile radios, and support for a third data only radio.

In this configuration the ARK performs radio scanning and Selcall encode/decode functions as well as providing a cross-band connection between radios. This feature allows the vehicle to operate as a local repeater and enables users with UHF handheld radios to communicate with a centralised dispatch centre from outside the vehicle.

As per the KMC, a dedicated GPS input and integrated GSM/GPRS modem enable standard AVL functionality, with fallback to 'Extended Selcall' for nationwide coverage. The ARK2 also integrates fully with the Kupe position monitoring and vehicle management system.