Radio over IP (RoIP)

Applications Radio over IP (RoIP)


XWIRE dispatch software can be used to access multiple radio systems via IP network (e.g. Internet) from a centralised location. Selective use of single channel ORC100 and quad-channel ORC400 RoIP appliances at radio sites enables construction of a cost effective radio dispatch system covering a wide geographic area.


- ORC100 radio over IP unit.
- ORC400 radio over IP unit.
- XWIRE RoIP dispatch software.
- ACE identity module.

More Info

-  ORC100 Brochure
-  ORC400 Brochure
-  XWIRE Brochure

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  • Operator terminal running XWIRE dispatch software, compresses audio input from a microphone and transfers it to one of four ports on the remote ORC.
  • ORC reconstitutes the audio and delivers it to the corresponding attached radio, controlling the transmitter key at the same time.
  • A similar process occurs in the reverse direction when the ORC determines that the radio channel is busy (audio is being received on the radio).
  • ORC compresses audio from the radio and sends the compressed audio stream to the operator terminal where it is reconstituted by the XWIRE dispatch software and output on a set of connected speakers.