Radio Network Bridging

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Two disparate radio networks can be bridged by a single ORC400. All communication received from radio network A by the ORC is forwarded to radio network B, with the same applying in the reverse direction. The two networks can run different sub-audible (CTCSS) and in-band (Selcall) signalling schemes. This makes it very easy to build a cross-band repeater as illustrated here.


- ORC400 radio over IP unit.
- ACE identity module.

More Info

-  ORC400 Brochure

- Contact an application engineer to find out more about our network bridging solutions.


  • ORC400 receives audio from radio on network A, using any CTCSS and/or Selcall configuration setup for this network.
  • ORC400 passes audio through to radio on network B, replacing the CTCSS and/or Selcall with the configuration required for this network.
  • The same process occurs in reverse for audio passing from network B to network A.