Leased Line / UHF Link Replacement

Applications Leased Line / UHF Link Replacement


Two ORC100 or ORC400 radio over IP units can be used to provide a back-to-back connection between two radios over an IP network. In this scenario the ORC units provide the required analogue to digital conversion, audio compression and E&M signalling at each end. This setup can be used as a cost effective alternative to dedicated point-to-point links (leased lines, UHF radio etc) between repeater sites.


- ORC100 radio over IP unit.
- ORC400 radio over IP unit.
- ACE identity module.

More Info

-  ORC100 Brochure
-  ORC400 Brochure

- Contact an application engineer to find out more about our leased line and UHF link replacement solutions.


  • VHF transceiver A demodulates received FM signal and delivers analogue audio to input of ORC A.
  • ORC A converts analogue audio to compressed digital format and sends to ORC B across IP network.
  • ORC B receives compressed digital audio from ORC A, converts to analogue format and delivers to audio input of VHF transceiver B.
  • VHF transceiver B modulates analogue audio signal and transmits as FM signal
  • Digital compressed audio is only sent from ORC A to ORC B when the mute input (E) of ORC A activated. This in turn generates a corresponding key output (M) at ORC B.
  • Full duplex operation is supported (the same process is supported in reverse).