Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Applications Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)


A complete AVL solution can be built from a combination of Xworks products as shown in the example below. The mobile radio controllers may send position reports to the Kupe management system via radio or optionally through a cellular network via integrated GSM modems.


- KMC mobile radio controller.
- ARK2 mobile radio controller.
- ORC100 radio over IP unit.
- ORC400 radio over IP unit.
- ACE identity module.
- Kupe vehicle management system.

More Info

-  KMC Brochure
-  ORC100 Brochure
-  ORC400 Brochure
-  Kupe Brochure

- Contact an application engineer to find out more about our AVL solutions.


  • Vehicles fitted with KMC or ARK2 mobile radio controllers receive GPS co-ordinates from satellite.
  • Mobile radio controller sends position over radio network to repeater site.
  • Repeater site decodes vehicle position and forwards to Kupe management system.
  • Kupe management system processes position report and stores in database for visualisation using GIS system.